Single #5 - Put Your Balls On My Goatee
out 4/24/20

Mike Diana 7" Risograph Artwork
c/o Le Dernier Cri, France

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cover art by Mike Diana

.wav - Put Your Ball On My Goatee

'Put Your Balls On My Goatee' is the 5th single from TFG's latest album Swallow Sperm. TFG founder Kneepad Nikki explains: 'Put Your Balls On My Goatee' was originally going to be the title of the record. Ultimately, (penis slide guitarist) Joe convinced me that we should go with 'Swallow Sperm' - and he had good reasons. At least they sounded good while he was jerking me off. But I still have fond memories of working on that song with producer, Doc Octcock. He had an idea for a funky intro drumbeat, and I wasn't convinced...until he started jerking me off. Lyrically, I was thinking about that old Barney song that went "I love you and you love me." Naturally I thought the next line should have been "so put your balls on my goatee." It all snowballed from there.'

The song has a little bit of a throwback TFG sound to it. Blazing double blast electo drums alternate with a steady four on the floor rock beat for most of the song. There are three different short solo sections that brim with cannabis fueled intensity. The rhythm guitars mix punk-y chords with metallic harmonics. There's no overall theme lyrically as the listener travels from horny rappers to horny mafioso before closing with inevitable pickle metaphors. It's all fun and games until someone's butt gets penetrated.

If you like loud rock and roll and immature Howard Stern bits from 20 years ago, this song will be right up your alley. And by 'alley' I mean asshole. In closing, TFG is proud to mix guitar based party tunes with abrasive undergound elements. We're pro LGBT, pro sex, and pro pleasure. We take your orgasm as seriously as you do. The only things we don't like are the GOP and your new boyfriend. We're sorry, but he's all wrong for you, girl.     

Single cover artwork from the notorious comic artist Mike Diana.

Swallow Sperm will be released as 6 singles, each with Mike Diana cover art; All 6 together form a mega-yuge artwork, to be reproduced as a poster to accompany TFG's Summer 2020 cd release.

TFG has been unleashing its own hybrid of new wave, noise rock and pro-sex propaganda since 2005. If you like the LGBT and hate the GOP, TFG has got you covered. From the bath house to the mosh pit, TFG is the N.W.A. of homosexuality.

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marilyn manson i will suck your dick
swallow sperm

i don't know anyone who is straight

someday there will be no gender
condoms go on all four penises
put your balls on my goatee

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