Single #4 - Someday There Will Be No Gender
out 3/27/20

Someday There Will Be No Gender - 4th single/artwork
off TFG 2020 SWALLOW SPERM summer cd

Mike Diana 7" Risograph Artwork
c/o Le Dernier Cri, France

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cover art by Mike Diana

Mike Diana animated artwork music video
by Johnny Chiba


.wav - Someday There Will Be No Gender

Someday there Will Be No Gender is the 4th single/artwork from TFG and Mike Diana. This song couldn't be more 'ripped from the headlines' if it was featured on a 'Law and Order' episode. It's a bold declaration that the old rules no longer apply. Boys can play with dolls, girls can ride bmx bikes and trans folks can pee wherever they damn well please. As time goes on, rigid definitions that describe and govern behavior become obsolete. Don't bother explaining yourself - just being yourself is enough. Of course, there are direct political (and penis) references up the wazoo, but this song is mainly a celebration of freedom for young and old alike.

Sonically, all the things that define TFG are present. Electro blast beats start the song-but before you know it, gravity defying twisted guitar solos disorient the listener. A catchy chorus is necessary to bring everyone back to reality. We rinse and repeat these elements before ending with an extended fuzzy guitar jam session over a thunderous hip hop beat. Overall it's a hefty slab of rock and roll liberation with a modern twist. In closing, don't forget to penetrate your loved ones with fruits and vegetables.    

The single cover artwork is from the notorious comic artist Mike Diana.

Swallow Sperm will be released as 6 singles, each with Mike Diana cover art; All 6 together form a mega-yuge artwork, to be reproduced as a poster to accompany TFG's Summer 2020 cd release.

TFG has been unleashing its own hybrid of new wave, noise rock and pro-sex propaganda since 2005. If you like the LGBT and hate the GOP, TFG has got you covered. From the bath house to the mosh pit, TFG is the N.W.A. of homosexuality.

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marilyn manson i will suck your dick
swallow sperm

i don't know anyone who is straight

someday there will be no gender
condoms go on all four penises
put your balls on my goatee

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