SWALLOW SPERM CD releases June 26th, 2020
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Mike Diana 7" Risograph Artwork
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SWALLOW SPERM Deluxe Package!
Swallow Sperm CD
11x17" Mike Diana Poster
All Six (6) 7" Mike Diana signed Artwork Singles
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marilyn manson i will suck your dick
swallow sperm

i don't know anyone who is straight

someday there will be no gender
condoms go on all four penises
put your balls on my goatee


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.wav - swallow sperm

Swallow Sperm is the first single & title track to TFG's 2020 album release.

The song is funny, dirty, catchy and heavy. We've got keyboards that sound stolen from Ric Ocasek, metal-ish rhythm guitar parts, industrial strength drum machines that vary from hip hop to blast beats, and lead guitars that evoke a twisted version of Jimi at Woodstock.

The comical lyrics celebrate balls, butts and cock in a way that would make both Howard Stern and John Waters proud. Politics, pleasure, penis, farts - nothing is off limits. Shit, there's even some melody tucked in there somewhere.

The single cover artwork is from the notorious comic artist Mike Diana.

Swallow Sperm will be released as 6 singles, each with Mike Diana cover art; All 6 together form a mega-yuge artwork, to be reproduced as a poster to accompany TFG's Summer 2020 cd release.

TFG has been unleashing its own hybrid of new wave, noise rock and pro-sex propaganda since 2005.
If you like the LGBT and hate the GOP, TFG has got you covered. From the bath house to the mosh pit, TFG is the epitome of radical homosexuality.

11" x 17" poster

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